West Bloomfield Initiative for Renewable Energy

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Celebrating Solar Power
west Bloomfield initiative for renewable energy at WBHS
is a project powered by West Bloomfield High School Students, Staff and the sun to generate carbon-free electricity and educate all about Renewable Energy and Efficiency. Construction on the tracking solar array began on November 23, 2010, and we started generating clean, carbon free electricity on February 3, 2011. 

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Part of our mission is to help people use less energy in the first place, so
see our new TV special about energy efficiency: 
"Green Your Home and Save Green for your Wallet"

First day of operation, generating 3600 Watts on February 3, 2011!
We started generating carbon-free electricity on February 3, 2011!   See photo above, and gallery below to see how we got here.  Watch this spot for updates, or go to our Facebook Page at WIRE WB ON FACEBOOK


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WIRE_WB_PV_Install/wirewb029.jpg WIRE_WB_PV_Install/wirewb027.jpg WIRE_WB_PV_Install/wirewb021.jpg WIRE_WB_PV_Install/wirewb014.jpg
WIRE_WB_PV_Install/wirewb013.jpg WIRE_WB_PV_Install/wirewb007.jpg WIRE_WB_PV_Install/wirewb005.jpg WIRE_WB_PV_Install/wirewb011.jpg

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West Bloomfield Initiative for Renewable Energy
West Bloomfield High School
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